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A New Perspective: Minted x West Elm 6th Art Challenge

2019 will mark the 6th anniversary of the Minted x West Elm Art collaboration and we’re thrilled to announce that this year our companies will be greatly increasing the visibility of the Minted x West Elm Art collection as a whole. Specifically, in 2019, select Minted Art will be featured in all 100+ West Elm stores nationwide.

Similar to Minted, West Elm has a passion for supporting artist communities and bringing unique designs into customers’ homes. These shared values have laid a strong foundation for our successful partnership and are guiding a future with increased exposure for our artists. Minted and West Elm are collaborating on an impactful display for West Elm stores that will feature our artist community and bring a new a perspective to the overall Minted partnership.

We are looking for a standout new Art collection to be the face of this partnership. West Elm will select at least 50 Editors’ Picks, all of which will be sold on their website for at least 12 months. A selection of these pieces will be featured in stores, catalogs, or online marketing channels. Minted will also take a larger selection of Editor's Picks to be sold on Minted.


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