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A Very Corporate Christmas Holiday Non-Photo and Corporate Card Challenge

Pour out another cup of eggnog - it's our Non-Photo and Corporate Card Challenge! Here, the entire card is your canvas. Play with greetings, illustrations and design elements to create a beautiful design!

We are combining our Non-Photo and Corporate Challenges again this year. Remember that while the assortments are similar, the two categories are quite distinct in their needs:

For non-photo holiday cards, keep in mind that this Minted customer gravitates towards cards where design is the hero - unique illustrations, the most cutting edge designs, clever twists on greetings, and die-cut shapes stand out from the pack. We are looking for designs in a wide range of styles and colors - from bold and avant garde to classic and traditional. Card greetings can be religious or secular, and the sentiment can be festive and fun or peaceful and reflective.

For corporate holiday cards, we are looking for something completely different. The highest selling corporate cards are non-denominational and gender neutral - they must represent a company to its clientele. Cards that send a company's clientele well wishes or thank them for their business are popular. Many of our corporate customers also choose cards that allow them to include their logo on the front of the card. We're accepting both photo and non-photo Corporate Cards but we'll be largely accepting non-photo cards.

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